The Kingston Butter Factory (KBF) has stood for over a century but it’s far from old.

The Kingston Butter Factory Community Arts Centre was officially opened in 1988 as a Bicentennial Project.

The project involved the refurbishment of the old Butter Factory to include a theatre, meeting rooms, ballet studio and function spaces to turn the building into a thriving community asset.

The centre also houses the Logan City Historical Society museum, arts and crafts cooperative and the Butter maids Kitchen.

That’s a far cry from its original designation as a milk and butter factory at the beginning of the last century.

Divisional Councillor Russell Lutton said the Kingston Butter Factory (KBF) is an important part of Logan’s past and its future.

“From its beginning in the dairy industry through to its re-birth as a cultural centre, museum and creative space, the KBF has always been central to life in Kingston,” Cr Lutton said.

“I want to especially thank the volunteers over the years who devoted their spare time to making it what it is today.

“In 30 years the building has been transformed from a neglected relic to something that well and truly serves the needs of the community.

“Who knows what it will be used for in another 30 years.”

The Kingston Butter Factory was first opened in 1907 as a timber structure.

It underwent its first major upgrade, converting to brick, in 1932 and was revamped again in the 1980s as the Kingston Butter Factory Community Arts Centre.

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